Change Audio Volume By Sound Class


I was wondering if there was a way, in Blueprints, that we can manipulate the audio volume of a Sound Class. I’m running into the issue where all the other options is code, which we cannot do. Or redoing the entire sound system.

Have you tried Get All Actors of Class? You should be able to spit out an array of objects with the sound class of your choosing, then you can just run a ForEach loop, and adjust each thing individually.

Off of what variable are you basing a change in volume for your sounds? By that I mean, when are you changing the volume, and why?

Depending on what you’re specifically trying to do, there may be other methods to change volume without eating up resources.

The game itself is in its final stages of completion. The issue with that is how many checks I would have to do every time a level would load. Or a sound being spawned.

A variable that is connected to my save system and main menu system.

It is not possible in 4.11, though there was a new feature added to 4.12 that allows you to override a sound class adjustment in a sound mix.

From the release notes for 4.12