Change audio on Localization

Hello, I need help regarding audio change on Culture change. Right now I have 6 languages and I made it to work with text on Localization system. Now my problem is with audio where I localize some of wav files and therefore it created L10N folder. When I play in standalone build I don’t get audio change when I switch to new language. Now I did try reloading map, change culture from console, tried with Sound Cues, packed for exe and run it and even include: +LocalizationPaths=%GAMEDIR%Content/Localization/Game
in DefaultGame.ini and in DefaultEngine.ini file but still no luck. Now in my case and this is maybe a problem, when I play sound am doing it from Widget BP using Spawn Sound 2D?? So English is my main language and when I change to different culture, text is changed but audio still plays in English. So any suggestions?

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It has been resolved, I was making separate Sound Cues for separate languages…