Change AnimMontage Slot At Runtime C++

In my project, I play animation montages via C++. I have a situation wherein I would like an animation to play on the UpperBody slot up until a certain montage section is hit, and then switch to the FullBody slot.

Is there a way I can change the slot while the animation is playing, either via C++ or via the animation editor? The only other workaround would be for me to have two separate animations, which is extremely non-ideal, given the scenario (my character may raise his weapon and run around with it raised, and then swing, at which point we switch to the fullbody slot and apply rootmotion).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Any tips? Still haven’t found a solution to this :frowning:

Ever resolve this issue?

I am looking at a similar problem.

I have a Root Motion animation on a DefaultSlot and an InPlace animation on an UpperBody Slot. I’ve set up with 2 sections.

I know that sections aren’t treated individually so if the first animation is a Root Motion it will treat the second as one to even if it’s not… but I can get around this by using “Set Root Motion Mode”, then jumping to Section.

BUT, it appears it will only play the DefaultSlot, and I can’t figure out how to switch to the UpperBody Slot.

Been on this all day and no closer! :open_mouth: