Change animation

I am new to modding and the first thing i would like to do is change the dragons idle flying animation to back were it was. I am having a hard time figuring this out. I did find that the animation file I am looking for is “Dragon-Fly-IdleTemp” and i do see it is connected to the DragonAnimBlueprint within the Refernce viewer. The file need to change is Dragon-Fly-Idle and change it to Dragon-Fly-IdleTemp. I am planning on keeping this a private mod till i get a better understanding on how the system works. your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

In the graph tab of DragonAnimBP will be a section called “Asset Override Editor”, you may need to enable it by clicking the “Window” menu at the top by “File” & “Edit”.
In there you can change the idle animation.
Keep in mind that they may have deleted that animation from the game itself in which case you will need to copy it to your mod folder and use the copy. You won’t know unless you search your Ark game folder for the animation or just load the mod in Singleplayer and if it doesn’t work, you need to copy it.

Thanks for the info I will try that once I get off work

I am bringing this thread back up too see if i can get further assistance with my question. After messing with it off and on for about a week I did find the Anim override. I have changed it to the other animation I am looking for and created a copy of it in my mod folder. When I go to play mode within the Dev Kit it works like I Intended, but when I cook and upload it to steam it still has the other idle animation. I think I do not have my animation saved/copied correctly into my mod file since it works in play mode in the dev kit. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

The animbp that you edited the anim assets on also needs to be referenced by your dino.

Thank you so much finally got it working. I tried that before and the character would not spawn at all with my slawn command. I prob missed a step with that. TYVM for your help P0k3r