Change animation played based upon velocity?

So I have two animations that have setup in my state machine. One is called “Land Hard”, while the other is called “Land Soft”. I want to have one play when the player has fallen from a higher jump (Land Hard) and one to play when they player lands from a lower jump.

However I can’t seen to figure out how to accomplish this. Here is a screenshot of my State Machine so far:

As you can see I am using a Conduit called “Land Conduit” to determine which animation to play. However I don’t know if this is the right way to go about doing it.

Any help would be appreciated.


Just wanted to see if you ever found a solution to this as I am currently attempting the same thing.

@threepm, you should check out Blendspaces.

I am using blendspaces, however, I can not figure out the transition rules to apply for when to transition. Every attempt as resulted in a fail.

Can you post your blendspace setup?

If you need a value to work with, you can detect how long player has been in the air, and play different animation based on it.

As mentioned, I think I would use a 1d blendspace. you can check every frame if your dude is falling and set AirTme to AirTime + delta time each frame. You can use IsWalking or NOT in air from pawn movement(don’t remember the name but it’s used in the TPP template) as your transition rule. Just hook your AirTime into the blendspace and it should work.

Edit: assuming you have used blendspace before but I’m happy to help with that if you have any issues :slight_smile: