Change animation based on direction player aims.

Hello, i’m currently trying to create a twin stick shooter. I still haven’t started implementing any animations and I don’t really have much experience doing so. I have started thinking about how exactly I will implement the animations but i’m afraid I’ve reached a point where i’m not exactly sure how to approach creating my character.
So as the title suggests i’m interested in having an animation where the player will move in a direction and he can aim towards another direction. I was wondering whether in order to do this I will have to separate my character into 2 parts. The core body that controls the player movement and related animations and then the Arms separately which control the different weapons and aiming animations. I’m sorry i’m not very good at explaining myself. The following video represents what i’m trying to achieve in terms of character animations.
Any ideas how I should go about implementing this? If you know of any tutorial that explains something similar i’d appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

Just using WASD for movement and AIM offset

Yep its seems like that was what I was looking for. Thanks a lot.