Change animation after a few seconds and then not go back

I have watched the video now what should I do? btw the flashlight uses a spotlight.

So basically i have a model with 2 animations and i have a sit anim and stand anim and i want sit to be his idle anim and then after a random amount of seconds my model switches to stand anim and i dont want him to go back to the sit animation but i have a flashlight item which i want to be used so when my flashlight is pointed at him i want him to sit again but only when he is standing and then loop. Please make this possible for me please i beg for help.

I think you are looking for State Machines. You can check this tutorial for start.

Video is only an example of how to use state machines. You need to create your own states of standing and sitting, put logic between them. When you point your flashlight on actor call function on his animblueprint to switch between states.

Could you please send me a snip? i really need this help i beg.