Change anim blueprint generated class

Hello ,I have 3 different animation of walk for my character ,is it possible to somehow change animstate machines in BP? I mean Anim state machine can handle 1 animation per motion ,1 per run ,1 per jump etc.I want to switch between 3 different animations of walk in game.Is it possible?

I think the ‘Blend poses by Int’ node will do exactly what you want. You can add that to your state machine and connect your different walk animations to it. It will then choose between them using an integer that you supply (called the Active Child Index). Looks like this:

More info here: Blend Nodes | Unreal Engine Documentation

Good luck!

That’s great ,problem resolved! Thank you very much!

Sorry for disturbing again ,everything works fine within BPanim ,but if I want to ingame change “active child index” I can’t get the reference to BPanims child index from my own level BP.

No worries about disturbing me. I think you would want to create an integer variable that you connect to Active Child Index and then you should be able to access that variable in your level blueprint by first getting the player character, getting that character’s mesh, getting that mesh’s anim instance, cast to your particular animBP and from there, setting your variable. I know that sounds confusing; so I made a quick example below:

All that said, that may not be the best way to achieve what you are trying, but I think it should work. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

It works! Not confusing at all! Very good explanation step by step and also a screenshot of BP ! Thank you very much! You should certantly do tutorials you have very good way of explanation .

Awesome! Glad it works! :slight_smile: