Change and test Source-Code (RecastNavMeshGenerator.cpp)

Hi together,

this are my first steps with changing UE4 Sources so sorry if my questions don`t make sense.
I got the sources from github and i am using XCode

  1. I followed the steps described on github to fork and clone the repository
  2. I now have a local xcode-project
  3. I can build an run “UE4Editor” from Xcode - the editor opens and works

Now i changed the source at RecastNavMeshGenerator.cpp, I just added a
UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT(“Test source changes”));
to FRecastTileGenerator::GenerateCompressedLayers

Then i rebuild UE4Editor with Xcode and hoped that in the TopDownExampleMap i would see my message in the “Output Log”. Which does not happen. Obviously i am missing some points.

  1. Is it enough to rebuild the UE4Editor for such changes?
  2. Is UE_LOG the right way to log to the editor “Output log”
  3. What would be a good place to place a Logging statement just to test that the engine changes were built and are used?
  4. What else am i missing