Change alignment of a vertical box?

I have a vertical box containing 4 horizontal boxes. Is it possible to have the horizontal boxes align to the bottom of the vertical box (which ISN’T size to content)? I set the vertical alignment of each horizontal box to align bottom, but that didn’t work. My use case is that several of the status bars are optional and may be disabled (hidden), and I want everything to align at the bottom of the screen (as seen in my screenshot):

4 bars:

2 bars (incorrect alignment):

Hm, try to use “Fill” on the first one and “Auto” on all overs below. Set them to AlignBottom. This should work.

Did the suggestion work for you? I’m not being able to align on the bottom in a situation similar to this.

Ok, nevermind, I solved it.
Apparently if you enable “Size to content” in the parent the trick doesn’t work.

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True. You need to uncheck ‘Size to content’ of the Main Grid that has a vertical box inside of it so that the alignment (Top, center, bottom, fill) you specified in the VB is applied.