Change AI sight radius

I am trying to implement a system in which for certain animation like relaxed state I want the sight radius to be small and for certain animation state I want it to be larger.

Can’t seem to do it. I am new to UE4.

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

If you’re using AIPerception, you can’t change radius at runtime or pretty much anything. If it’s a must, then you can use Pawnsensing component.

For AIPerception you can check the distance between the AI and the target and only execute actions if the target is in the desired range.

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Wow!! thanks was stuck with this for few days…

Another thing you can do if necessary is create multiple ai perceptions components within your ai blueprint and enable/disable them as needed. Each ai perception can have entirely different values and can be toggled through the “Set Sense Enabled” option

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This doesnt work because having two Ai_Sight senses not working well.
Set sense enabled shows only one Ai_sight sense

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