Change Actor Pivot (Save Pre-Pivot, not Alt+MMB)


  • I’d like to be able to permanently change the pivot of an actor on the fly.
  • I’d like to be able to re-center the pivot if I need to.

What I do Know:

  • Alt+MMB will change the actor pivot temporarily until the object is deselected. This can be grid snapped, or not grid snapped depending on the toggle
  • if I change the pivot in the asset in Maya, it will retain that pivot when brought into UE
  • one used to be able to use the “Pivot” menu that was below “Attach To” and “Transform” in the right click menu. it had options like “Save Pivot to Pre-Pivot”, “Reset Pre-Pivot”, “Reset Pivot”, “Move Here”, "Move Here (Snapped), and “Center on Selection”. Are these located somewhere new?

I’m a maya user that CONSTANTLY uses the “D” key + “V”, “X”, “C” for vert/grid/curve snapping. Having this function would allow me to perform layouts at a comparable speed and I consider this to be quite a powerful mechanic in general. I’d hate to see such a great program that used to have it, not have it anymore.

Hopefully someone can direct me to a solution regarding a manually shiftable/resettable actor pivot.

I feel your pain, after switching pivot point each ~10 seconds in Modo it’s hard to work in UE4 with single pivot point :frowning:
Now I have 2 sets of same models in UE4 to speed up level sketching - one with centered PP and second one with PP in the corner
For gameplay matters I create additional Scene component and parent my mesh to it. Then I transform scene and basically use it as new pivot point :smiley:

Thank you for sympathizing! That was also the only way I could get around it. Create a parent null, move move the child that allowed for the parent null to be my pivot. but it’s just clumsy and not very elegant. So am I to take from your comments that it’s just not possible at this time? Is there a petition we can sign to get it put back in? haha

It seems like pivots on BSP brushes that have been copy/pasted and then resized using the BSP editor (Shift-F5) keep the pivot of the original brush. If the brush was originally much different in shape, this can make it very difficult to manipulate it. Any solutions for this?