Change actor into a projectile

Hello. I’m trying to make a enemy that will launch at the player, Once a certain amount of shots have been taking.Like in the game Dragon Ball z Fighters, the character will blast toward the enemy player.I have the enemy launching in Z but how to get him to float toward player and not drop first then run.

You might use FindLookAtRotation node in timer or event whenever character goes attack up to other actor to find true rotation.


After find a rotation to the actor(enemy player) you can interpolate the movement using lerp depeding on distance between two of actors.

In my example there is two Actor EnemyActor and ThirdPersonCharacter
there is how I used EnemyActor on tick, also you can create a specific event instead of Event Tick.

Enemy Actor or Enemy Object;

In my character blueprint organization;

In the manner of timeline I created new variable alpha between two of vector using linear interpolation;

And the result is;

Actually this is very basic prototype :slight_smile: you can expand it for example generating a hit event could be very useful.

Hey I know this is a very simple code but cant see how the the 2 blueprints are communicating with each other.
The bad man before Set Actor Transform. I’m a little lost.Can you use a “cast to” or A custom event.

Technically speaking, two of actors (the box and pawn) are communicating with each other. Casting is a programming term refers to type conversion For example, if you have an Actor object reference(referred as blue pin), then you can cast to the desired type derived from an Actor class. So it is all about your implementation. If you share some BP’s surely that might more questionable.