Change a viariable value in game


I made a Player Controller with a variable called : PlayerPawnStyle (structure)
And I made a Player Pawn with a variable called : PlayerPawnStyle (structure)

When I directly change in the editor, the value on the Player Controller variable and cast it on blueprint to the Player Pawn variable all is working !

But when I try to change the value with a widget, the variable keep the default value… -_-

So, Is it possible or is a way to change the value of a variable (structure) with a widget and in game ?

Thanks a lot !


Can you show the widget blueprint? I think its possible to accomplish what you are doing. Should be something like get player controller–>get pawn–>get/set variable name. I have my widgets cast to my game mode and my game state A LOT, but I can’t think of any instance where my widget casts directly to an actor/pawn…

Can you give us a little bit of information about what you are trying to achieve? I don’t understand why you need the structure on both controller and pawn.

I made a game where you create your character :

So, I need to tell to my player controller the “options” (in structure) the player choose and keep this data.

Then, when you are in game, I need to take this “options” from the player controller to the player pawn. I nee this cause the player controller can spawn a mech and controle it (so it’s another pawn…) :

I hope it can help you…

While this time I found a tutorial serie that can help me and make the real great Multiplayer options for my game :

Hope to share this game with you soon :wink:

Oh I see. So you can have multiple pawns. What if you try as soon as you spawn the pawn, on begin play, copy the data from the controller to the local pawn? I hope that makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I already try this, read the information from player controller and give it directly to pawn… I was thinking all will be all right but… Not really -_-

I think, networking is important at the stage… So I think I continue my tutorial serie and tell you if it help me to fix this problem :S

Ok guys, I was totally out of how a multiplayer game give informations between blueprints xD

You have to set PlayerState et GameInstance but you have to make lot of events running on client AND running on server !

So, I understand that you can’t work on blueprint communication as great as it should be without setting the Multiplayer Networking before.

I will upload the youtube video soon to explain that !