Change A Particular Child Of A Number Of Widgets

hi guys,

i am creating several instances of a widget that list my steam friends as you can see here:

**Menu GIF: **

**Blueprint add child: **

blueprint remove throbber:

as you can see in the gif, i use a circular throbber to show that the invited player has not entered the lobby yet.
but if i wanted to remove that throbber, once a particular player has joined, all throbbers are removed.
so my problem is that i do not understand how to talk to each instance of that widget.

any help is welcome!
thank you for your time!

Invited players is array of widgets where are avatars and throbbers?
if not then create array for those widgets… when player join, find that widget and drag wire and set throbber hidden…
because from what i see, you are dragging wire from “lobby friends row ref” but its not specified for which player that row is… i created something similar, but i dont see whole bp script so im not sure where is mistake but its something easy to fix

hi mr 368,

thank you! an array was the solution.

you nailed it with your Observation that i dragged from the unspecific reference. i posted it to Show my mistake. i knew what was wrong, i did not know how to store different instances of the same ref. didnt know it was possible.

thank you!!