Change a number/value gradually?

What’s up guys. I’m programming a chandelier inside my game and I’m using strings and sprites attached to the end of it. However, I would like this chandelier to be moving pendulously and turning slightly. Not just standing still.

What I did was create some blueprint variables to change the string forces on the x and y axes randomly between -10 and 10.
The variation in forces did the job well. The chandelier swings slightly perfectly. However, it always continued with the same face facing the same direction.
So I did the same thing for the axes of rotation.

However, different from the forces that are gradually applied to the movement. When you change the axis, it changes abruptly.
Is there any command to make the random value X gradually change to Y? Something that makes rotation a gradual process of movement?
Another problem I noticed is that the sprites, even if they are fixed to the end of the cable and move as the forces are applied to it, do not change when the cable changes its rotation, the sprites always face the same direction.

Would anyone have any suggestions or advice for these issues?

I thank you all!