Change a map Game Mode

How can i change the game mode for my map? but not “in map” from main menu, chose one and charge “ingamemap” whit this selected Game mode, or i need one map for every Game Mode?

You can do it for each of your maps by selecting the “World Override” option under the Blueprints tab in the editor viewport.

I think, he want to change the GameMode at runtime.

Perhaps it is possible via ExecuteCommand… But I’m not sure, if it is just working for the whole Game GameMode (that in Project Preferences), or if it can change Map based GM, too.

i know this, but i search change this, whit out entry in the map, for a external map, and then go to this selected map whit a selected game mode

yes, i want this

I believe there is no manual way to change Game Mode at runtime, atleast in blueprints. It only changes when we open a new level.