Change a Level Sequence Player "playback settings" at runtime ?

Hi everybody,

I am currently looking for ways to set the playback settings of a Level Sequence Player at runtime. Currently, it is possible to set those at the player creation.

However, it is then impossible to set (or even get) these settings back ! What I want is a button on my UI which allows me to toggle on/off the looping when playing the sequence. It seems that compared to other ones, the player for the level sequences doesn’t offer a Set Looping, neither a IsLooping node.

The playback settings seem to be the only way to reach any kind of looping setting. But the Level Sequence Player doesn’t offer any way to reach them either, except at the creation. Why is that ?

The Play Looping node isn’t a solution for me because :

  1. I want to be able to loop in play and in reverse. However, it requires the sequence to be “played looping” first or it will not loop in reverse ;
  2. I want to be able to toggle on/off the looping.

Am I missing something or is this really some limitation that comes from the Level Sequence Player (even though other players such as the MediaPlayer can do it) ?

Thanks a lot in advance !

I found out that to access the Playback Settings, it is actually necessary to go through the Level Sequence Actor. When a Level Sequence Player is created, it creates also an Actor at the same time, which can be retrieved.


And so I did ! And so now can I access the Playback Settings. Yay !!!

However … However, the settings are kept inside a Structure, therefore it is necessary to go through an external node called Set members in MovieSceneSequencePlaybackSettings to modify the settings.

Warning reads : The Playback Settings is a Read Only property and can not be modified directly.

And there is the problem ! The Playback Settings of the Level Sequence Actor are Const and Read Only. Therefore, they can’t be modified, even through the node meant for that purpose … .

But why ? Just why ? Is this normal ? Why can these settings absolutely not be modified at runtime ? I don’t get it.

Anybody has got any idea please ?

Some time passed and i ran into the same problem. Is there any possibility to set the playback settings on runtime?