Change 5.2 version metahuman to 5.1 version

I wanna change metahuman in 5.2 version Unreal Engine to 5.1 version Unreal Engine. I built character foro 5.2, but i wanna use it 5.1 version


It isn’t possible to downgrade a MetaHuman, only upgrade.

You will be best recreating your MetaHuman using the Unreal Engine 5.1 selection within MetaHuman Creator.


Hey James! Even if Metahumans are not backwards exportable, do you know if that applies to animations recorded with Metahuman Animator? Since Metahuman animator is only compatible with 5.2/3, I was planning on recording there animations for my 5.1-locked project, but I’m afraid of buying an iPhone and then not being able to transfer the anims between versions. Did the face rig/blendshapes change too much to allow that? Thanks.

You can now downgrade assets using my plugin ( Asset Downgrader ) to 5.1. I tested a metahuman mesh a few days ago and it works well even when downgrading to 4.27 :slight_smile: There may be some bugs usually with blueprints, but I can fix them if you report them to me.