Chaining multiple level sequences w/skipping

On startup, my game shows a disclaimer, then an animation with the game’s title and then the main menu fades in.

Currently, I’m using Unreal’s level sequences, chained via blueprint:

This is already a cumbersome solution, imho (and for correctness, I’d also have to do old school bookkeeping and unregister from the OnFinished event again, too, if I don’t want to accumulate an additional subscriber each time my “PlayTitleFadeIn” function runs).

Now I want the allow the player to press Space at any time and skip right to the end of all sequences. With the tools I see in front of me, it would seem I’d have to add an input handler, tediously keep track of which sequence is currently running, in the input handler set the playback time to the end of the sequence (since there’s no .Skip() method) and manually update the scene to the state it would have if the sequence had played to the end.

Is there a way to chain level sequences? And to make them skippable?
Or am I perhaps using the wrong tool for the job?