Chainging FOV of camera gives no effect

I have a CameraActor which placed onto world.
With the C++ I changing postprocessing settings of this camera and the FOV. Postprocess settings chainging had success, but changing FOV value gives no effect (No zooming effect, permanently 90 degrees).
Changing postprocess settings is a proof for the validity of camera.

Camera->GetCameraComponent()->PostProcessSettings.DepthOfFieldScale = (1 / interp_fov) * 10;  // success
Camera->GetCameraComponent()->FieldOfView = CurrentFOV;  // no effect

In the editor I watch how changes Field Of View property, but visual effect is absent…

UPD: I changed GameMode > PlayerControllerClass in my map to default PlayerController class and FOV changes now. What wrong with other Controller classes?

Are you using a PlayerCameraManager? That might be overriding your FOV setting…

You’re right!

As rcdarcey said, FOV setting was overridden by new PlayerCameraManager.