Chain dragging on the ground

Hi there

I want my character to drag a ball and chain behind him. The ball must be subject to realistic physics (eg if the chain is yanked, the ball jumps forward, able swing the ball by the chain, etc).

Now I know a little about constraints (still need to study up on it some more though) and I know about the cable actor, but my main problem is that the cable has no collision. So if there is a lot of slack on the chain it will just droop through the floor.

So the physics of the ball I believe I can figure out, but making the chain/rope/cable between the ball and the actor has me beat.

I am still running 4.5.1 (had to cancel my subscription for a bit due to exchange rate violently prison raping me:eek:)

Anyone have any advice for me maybe? It will be greatly appreciated.

I know nothing of this, I am like Jon Snow.
But I have a suggestion.

Make the ball and chain as a seperate skeletal mesh. Apply a ragdoll to it, physics asset?.. attach the end of the chain to your characters hand.

Would it work?

I would have to do that in something like Blender right? My skills with blender stop at making teacups (my tests in-game were with spheres and pipe shapes). But, I suppose I will have to get the modelling thing down sooner or later, might as well be now then right? Thanks!

Open blender, delete cube. Shift+A to add mesh. Pick the round ring looking thing. S+x to scale it only on x axis. When you are happy how it looks, just copy as many as you want and drag them to form a chain. Ofc its not an ideal way but easy and fast :slight_smile:

I made a basic chain in blender and added rigid body to it using this tutorial

It worked perfectly fine in blender
If I imported the chain with “Combine Meshes” on, the chain was stiff. It was basically just a stick I could kick around. If I unticked “Combine Meshes”, it gave me all the links as separate meshes. All the other import and export settings were left on default.

So I decided to see what would happen if I combined all the links manually again after the import. If I play, all the links just scatter away.

So then I played around with the collision boundariesand noticed that the boundary included the hole in the middle of the ring. After some fiddling I managed to get the boundary to fit nice to the shape of the rings, and now I my chain works like it’s supposed to!

So my chain works, I just don’t know if it works in the best way possible. Would you guys know if it is possible to import the whole chain with the rigid body physics? Or should I just thank my lucky stars that I managed to get this far and leave it at that? That ball and chain is going to be an important part of my game so I want it to look as good as possible.