Chain dragging on ground or hanging help

Hi guys.

I have been banging my head against the wall for 3 days trying to figure this out now. I am wondering if anyone has an example asset they can upload of a chain with physics dragging on the ground. I have tried 1000 things to make my chain work the right way and I am completely stumped. I am at the point where I need to be shown. I need to see a working example. Telling me will not help. If someone does have an example that works that would be most appreciated. I will not be using that object in my own game, I will only be studying / learning from it, not using it. And I will say again, I am at the point where I now need to be shown, not told as I have tried everything under the sun. Or if you are aware of a youtube guide, that would be cool also. Thank you in advance. IDK if this would help but it might show you how to add physics handle to an object so that you could drag it across the floor, other then animating it yourself in a 3d modeling program I dont understand what your asking for sorry, Is a character dragging a chain when running? or is it part of a animation during a scene?

Thank you. What I need is something like an example project that I can download and try things with. I have been through links like that 1001 times over now, they have not helped. I need to see an actual working example project. Nothing short of that will help as I have literally tried everything under the sun with no success.

A assume you have looked at this
I manage to make a car drag a chain using info from those videos.

I solved the issue. Still no idea why it was not working right. I had to uninstall / reinstall both unreal engine and 3ds max.