CGarchitect contest: Unreal Studio

FYI, we launched a new 3D award effort with CGarchitect. Winner walks away with $5,000 of our money. Not that many submissions yet, so your chances might be good…

Best real-time visual experience. Here, it’s all about the visual quality in a real-time setting. Minimum frame rate is 30 fps.

Judging will be based solely on the visual quality. We’ll be looking for photo-realism and professional understanding of lighting and material use. You can submit non-photoreal images too, but then we’ll be looking for something that stands out in it’s use of non-photo-real materials.

You can submit Sequencer-based videos, but you must also submit at least one interactive walkthrough video.

Sounds great.

Question - I have some work I began working on for the Ronen Bekerman competition, but never completed, nor entered. Can I reuse some of it here? It was very early stage stuff.

Yes, you can.

I also have one question, can I use VXGI for the visualization?

Yes, you can use VXGI, as long as your UE4 assets were created with Unreal Studio.

is it possible to participate if I didn’t use Unreal Studio? I mean, I just completed a scene but I made it entirely in Unreal Engine. I guess it shouldn’t be a problem but just to be sure not to be breaking any rule.

Just note on your submission that it doesn’t include Unreal Studio use.

That sounds like it its key to use unreal studio. There will be any penalty for not using Studio?

Also I have a question, the rule number 3 says:
“3) Any submission must have been created in 2017 or 2018 or made public in 2017 or 2018. There are no restrictions on submitting entries that have been submitted to other competitions or previously published in public. The Unreal Studio Experience category is excluded from this criteria.”

that means the work can’t be shown at all or just that the entire rule does not apply to this category? I suppose is the second, but just to be sure since I haven shown my work yet and I really want to participate.

If I were you, I’d definitely include some Unreal Studio processed content. You will be marked down for zero content. If your images are about the same as someone else, we’ll definitely go with the Unreal Studio content.

It says that you are not subject to 3.

Can you give me some advises in how to incorporate Unreal Studio into my project?

We custom made ALL the 3D models in the scene, with hand made lightmaps for every asset (including the walls). All the materials are made in unreal engine or substance. What comes to my mind is to apply some free or paid materials from substance source, but for sure you’ll know better what can I do to incorporate Unreal Studio since you are part of the enterprise team.

Sorry to bother you so much, but I’m really interested in this contest.

What did you use to create the geometry? What 3d program?

We used Maya for all the models, including the architecture.

Ahh. I see. Just note your workflow on the submission.

I was looking at the submissions now and what I discovered is there will be Unreal Studio image nominees? What I wanted to point out is that it really wasn’t clear there is a category for Unreal still images, what I thought is that there has to be a video :frowning: thats unfortunate since I would definetly submit something for the picture category. Well, maybe next year.

Sorry. We were experimenting with awards. It’s a bit weird doing still imagery from a real-time product, so we’ll probably abandon that idea next time, unless someone tells us why we should continue it. Better to just get it all in real-time (my opinion).

We were very happy to be nominated in the category “Best Interactive Project” (Yay!). However, I believe that there’s quite an overlap for the categories “Interactive” and “Unreal Animation”. But I noticed, that none of the projects were nominated in both categories… After all, wouldn’t “Best interactive real-time Animation” describe a possible category for UE best?

We are trying to figure out how to best do CGawards, this was an experiment, it will evolve.

…and it’s highly appreciated!

We only got to know of the awards thanks to you starting this thread. A great opportunity to showcase our UE project.
Looking forward to the things to come.

Speaking of which… it would be great, if there was a place where all UE related (or relevant) competitions and awards are listed to give them maximum visibility. E.g. there’s the Epic dev grant and I believe some NVidia thing going on etc., but to get informed, you need to find all of them individually. Wouldn’t it be better to have a sticky thread or even a sub-forum for competitions, awards etc.? @kenpimentel

Yes, this is a good idea. Probably would have to do it on this forum as setting it up on our web pages is pretty painful. Setting it up here is doable. Let me chat with some people.