Certified teachers & schools UE4


Unreal Engine is free for schools , it is a good thing,
we can see many online tutorials over the web, it’s a good thing too,
but I can’t find on the UE4 blog who are certified teachers Unreal Engine 4.
Just out of curiosity , I can’t find schools Unreal Engine 4 ranked by country ?


Hi ChrisTm,

You will want to take a look at our Academic Partners page here:

You can filter the selections by region and look for an institute near you.

yes that a good idea.

Well, many colleges that are listed as Academic partners do not mention Epic or Unreal in a single word.
For example:
They are listed as partners, but in all course preparation documents they talk about Unity (only).
That might lead to some confusion about where UE4 is actually taught in courses…

are the preparation documents up to date though?

Yes they are. They are for the courses, starting this summer.
It seems that colleges and academies were staying away from UE4 while it was subscription based. And its only too recently that UE4 is free.
I spoke to a friend studying game design in The Hague. He sais that the faculty is looking into UE4, but did not integrate it into this years curiculum.
So aybe UE4 is too “new” for schools to adopt. Perhaps in the next academic year things might look different.
Oh, and on a side note he said that many teachers are unwilling to step out of their Unity comfort zone as well… :rolleyes:

haha i’d say you’re right about that! Once it became free for students I brought it into our game engine unit, I might be one of the few this year :stuck_out_tongue: I know some people in university this year who were still using UDK for assignments because it was all set up and ready to go, no need to alter anything.