Certain meshes visible in editor but not in build

Hey guys! It’s my first time making a build, so please bear with me! Essentially, I’ve got a few meshes in my game that are visible and work as intended in the editor, but when I make a build of the game, I can’t see those meshes in the build. Any clue what might be causing this? I deleted a few animation files related to those meshes, but that shouldn’t cause a discrepancy between the editor and the build, especially since none of those files were referenced/in use. I’d appreciate any help I can get. Thanks a lot!

Try the unrealpak.exe and -List your game PAK, make sure the meshes and materials are all packed in. You can manually setup the package’s content by including/excluding folders and assets at will it’s in the project/packaging settings. If you use asset manager there you can also setup what’s your code going be looking for in a cooked build.

hey thanks! I’ll try that out!

I realised I don’t know what unrealpak.exe is and I can’t find any reference to do what you’re asking me to try out. So, I went to my packaging settings and changed a few values. Do you think these are okay?