Certain elements such as winded objects move incredibly fast in rendered sequences.


Following this fantastic tutorial here,, I managed to get the renders I wish for except one thing. And it is that some actors in the game, such as particle effects or actors with wind on them appear fine in Play mode or in the editor but seem incredibly fast in the movie when I convert the PNG sequence to a 24 FPS .mp4 file in Media Encoder. I rendered in 24 FPS as in the guide and didn’t change anything else.

I wonder how can I address this issue?

Thanks very much.

you could try niagara with sequencer

Still persists though, either Niagara or actors with wind on them I can’t properly or universally set a frame rate so output is same with what I actually see in game or in the editor. I wonder if for everyone else with a 24 FPS set in the Movie Render Queue, the output looks fine?