Certain custom struct pins disconnect every time I start my project

Hi, so I have multiple cases of pins disconnecting every time I start my project, and they all relate to user defined structs created using blueprint.

In one case, I am connecting an array of a struct to a “remove index” node and a “get” node. Both become disconnected.

In another case, I grab an instance of a struct that is held in a variable of my game state class and attempt to break it. That one disconnects as well.

I have another case where I do the same thing and break the variable of the struct, but that one doesn’t disconnect. However, I follow it up with a remaking of the struct and attaching that to a “set” node for the variable in the game state, and that one does disconnect.

Lastly, I do have one more case where the same variable is retrieve and both “set” and "break"ed and both of those disconnect every time.

I’m not sure what you’d need from me to help with this bug report, so just let me know what you’d like specifically and I’ll attach it. Thanks

The issues I was experiencing seem to have been resolved during the upgrade to 4.3.

bug is still there

bug is still there

still here. 4.14.3

Yep, this hasn’t been fixed. I just started getting this on my main project in 4.15.1 and it is incredibly annoying.

For me it’s very specific: Any time I use my blueprint struct as an input or output variable on an overwritten interface function, it disconnects when I re-open the project.

I’m starting to experience this too in 4.15.1. It’s completely halted my development…It’s only relevant to one specific custom struct that I’ve created and is referenced in several places in my project.

I am still getting this problem in 4.16. This is serious. Every time I open my project I have to go through multiple blueprints and reconnect the nodes.

Even worse, I get node disconnections that don’t lead to compile errors, i.e. when I’m setting one variable to equal another. So I have to manually go through every blueprint that references the offending struct. This is nearly an hour out of my day every day.