CentraSphere - Designed for VR, multiplayer battle racing arena

Hello Unreal forums.

This is a little project our company Hyper Thetical Games have been working on over the last few months.

CentraSphere works single player and mutiplayer and consists of the player flying a ship around the INSIDE edge a giant sphere arena.
The game is designed specifically for VR. We have been playing with an xbox controller and a DK2.

Here is a video of a run through a single player game (WIP).


A quick run down of how the game works:

Single Player;
The player must race againts time to avoid plunging in to darkness.
Collect white checkpoint to gain extra time, an extra bullet and a point.
Shoot dark floating checkpoints to earn a point and a bullet (Your aim is where you are looking in the rift).
Avoid the randomly spawning SlowyDowners.
Beat your friends/own high scores.

Each player must collect white checkpoints to gain a point.
The scoring system works like the old micro-machines (where a point is deducted from the other player when you get one) so the first to fill there bars wins.
You can shoot the Slowy Downers at each other to, well… slow each other down (This is A LOT of fun!)
There is no time limit.

Would love to know what you guys think of the game, we are hoping to have a working demo available for free soon featuring;

  • VR Menu
  • Single Player
  • Multiplayer LAN

The game is made entierly in blueprint and after quite a bit of testing we and others who tried it get no motion sickness.

Pretty cool (I like games with Sphere in the name ;)) Got a demo? I’d love to try it out

Thanks for the kind words.

The demo will be available very soon (We are planning within two weeks but you know how these things are).
Single player and multiplayer work, we are just getting the VR menu made up now, and doing a little more polishing.

Personally I can not wait to get this out and see what people think.

New short video showing level colour changing and ship maneuverability.

New shorter video, showcasing the maneuverability of the ship and the level colour changing in more detail.


We have had some major updates. The demo is almost ready for release!

Here is a video showing the menu, singleplayer and multiplayer in action.

Just a few more tweaks and we can give the demo away.