Central Australia

Hi to all !
Central part of Australia, prepared for the Truck World: Australia project. What do you think?

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Greetings, @robi91; I hope you’re doing well, and welcome to the Unreal Engine community! Your photo-realistic environmental screenshots of “Central Australia” are mind-blowing! These attached images are so life-like that I keep second-guessing whether they’re high-quality photos or incredibly procedurally made assets. :star_struck:

I found “Truck World: Australia’s” Steam page. Is this environment for this game specifically? :eyes:

Exactly, it’s one of the environments in which you will be able to move :wink:

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@robi91, you and your team are doing outstanding work on this creation! Your game’s Steam page features incredible in-game footage and screenshots! How long has “Truck World: Australia” been in development? I would love to see more behind the scenes of anything else you can share. :smiley: