Centimeters to Unreal Units

Just thought I’d post a little observation for others as well.

Based on some measurements I’ve made (at least when viewed through the “First Person Template” project):
1cm = 1.25 UU roughly (it is not 1 to 1)

Hey Firebrand-

We understand the importance of having proper measurements. To make sure there is no confusion in this case I was wondering how you are making your measurements?

Again this is just based on my observations. I could be wrong.

First I took the dimensions of the chair from the starter content. With no scaling, it measures approx. 113uu H, 81uu W, 81uu D. which in cm. would make it considerably larger than an average chair of this type.

I then took a picture of a room and compared the perspective with that of the perspective from a room I constructed in UE with the same dimensions. They were different until I multiplied the measurements I took by 1.25

In the World Settings Unreal Unit Scale is 1. I think 1 cm = 1 UU

Hey Firebrand-

Using a box created in 3DS Max at a grid spacing of 10cm and then importing it into the engine set to a grid spacing of 10 showed that it followed the grid properly. Here is a link to a dropbox with the FBX file of the box if you’d like to test it as well however from our tests the measurements are working as expected.

Here are a couple of images from 3DS Max and the engine showing the box and grid settings: