Center view of the texture minimap

Hi I am trying to create a minimap for my game and I am almost there the only problem is that i want to center the view of my minimap because right now currently it’s following my player like this

Now I want it to be like this center even if my player is its base .

Here’s how my texture material

and for my widget

and for my update material

Please someone help me . Thank you.

It’s hard to tell what’s going on because blueprintue throws away half of the information. I think what you’re saying, is you always want the player in the center, even when the player is at the corner of the map, right?

If that’s the case, you’ll need to re-code the whole thing. At the moment, your material is based on the proportional distance of the player across the map, you need to make it just focus on a certain size area around the player.

So instead of (distance to edge of map)/(size of map ) sort of calculations, you need more like (player position)± (some amount)*magnification

I want something like a dota2 minimap where in the view of the minimap is always at the center.