Center of mass problem

HI. I am working In VR and created a pickup actor that has a simple vr controller as its root mesh, so I can perfectly set the held position to my Real vr controller in my hand.
I am attaching a visual mesh to it, of the actual object I want the actor to be, It’s working fine apart from when I throw the item the physics center of mass its being pulled from the root mesh and not the visual mesh , which wont always bee at the center origin, so when I throw the actor its behaving weird and lopsided physics due to mass not being in center of visual mesh.
EG a shield with all the weight on one side spins un naturally. I tried to get com from visual mesh and set the root mesh com to that but it flew of scree in simulate.
Not sure If this can be solved But I cant move forwards until I have an answer.

Think I solved it by doing this!