Center mesh in box collision

Hi, I have an actor with box collision as root component (because I want to sweep the actor with setactor location). The actor has a static mesh component that I want to set at runtime, but the mesh position is set so that the mesh pivot is at the center of the collision. How can I let the mesh correctly fill the box collision?

It’s not clear what the problem is. Are you talking about:

  1. scaling the box collision or the mesh?
  2. moving the mesh, so it stays in the the collision boundaries?
  3. is the mesh always the same? And if not, do they have the same dimensions and pivot points?

Hi, I want to move the mesh so it stays in the collision boundaries. The mesh is always different with different pivot and dimensions. I attached the mesh directly to the collision box.
I have something like this.

Ok, solved.
What I did:

  • detach component from box collision with keep world transform
  • scale collision
  • position collision at the center of the mesh
  • attach component to the box collision with keep world transform.

Hope this will help somebody else.
Thank you.