Censored Creatures - First Person Action Adventure

Toilet Head Presents
Censored Creatures

3D First Person exploration shooter on the Unreal Engine 4.

Shortly after losing the Battle of Medunder the Noag forces were forced to move away from Medunder or remain under the new trattorian ruling. Terrortrain a militia beginning in a two year
span 10 years after the remission period, fired the first shot claiming a world of revlulouon (revolution) in order to separate from the ruler of the land. The revlulouon begins today.
The first war since the universe’s creation 1zillion years ago. The ruling name is fifteenth empire who had previously conquered all it has ever wanted, with no war threatening
the populations with it’s first demands. Dating back 5 billion years ago when the first civilization had been founded.

A censorship of the people has now began.

A new era has be-gun. Rayguns were only thought of and invented 100,000 years ago!!!

Travel through 8 Worlds and complete a checklist of objectives within each world among secret areas and enemies galore

***Job: ***
We are looking for ALL positions relating to game development. If you have anything to offer feel free to send an email.

Specifically, we are looking for programmers who are able to build a game from the bottom up on Unreal Engine. We also are looking for game artists for art, concepts, and 3D textured models. Sound design, such as music design.

***Other: ***
Mappers, animators, 3D Modelers, texture artists, sound design, concept artist and musician.

To Apply
Email me personally, [EMAIL=“”]

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Are you based in Japan?

We are not, but will see a release in Japan

Our website

Hey, this is Serban from Norway. I would like to help out with the sound design (sound effects, ambiance).

Here is some example material