Cellular Automata, large number of actors(overhead) performance


I’m creating liquids using cellular automation where one cell equals one Actor. In the editor when the Actor count reaches about ~3000 the editor seems to stall. These are really simple actors that are basically just blocks at the moment (only contain BoxComponent) - should the engine be able to handle this or is it just the editor that is causing problems with large actor count?

I’m using a custom Object Pool as well to minimize creation/deletion of actors. I cannot use InstancedStaticMesh component since the game is destined to mobile platforms and afaik it does not work there - and it does not work since I need to change per cell component data such as component color.

Is there a large overhead per Actor? Would it help to divide portions of the grid to Actors that represent the cells as components, so one cell would be component instead of an Actor. I read it somewhere that even an “empty” Actors in large numbers cause performance to go down - why on earth?

This is kind of large change if needed to be done, so I’m asking before if someone has tackled this before.

Use components. For sure. Maybe you could find even another way, of somehow extending from particles.