Cell Shade on a per Mesh Basis

I followed this tutorial Unreal Engine 4 Cel Shading Tutorial | Kodeco to give my meshes cell-shaded color schemes (Tree Leaf Clusters/Clouds). It works very well for a single color-scheme.

In this tutorial, the author does not touch the colors of the mesh, only the values (black-white), which makes his Post-Process solution work with any mesh.

But I used his solution to also paint/add a color palette directly to the different light values of my meshes. I do not know how I can differentiate between different meshes within the PostProcess material (I was hoping I could look up a color scheme variable the mesh has and directly use it in the post process Blueprint setup).

What I am looking to achieve is to have different meshes support different cell-shaded color schemes (Green trees, orange Trees, Blue Trees), and I would like to be able to directly pick the colors in my LUT (Look-Up-Table, which is essentially a gradient texture that stores the color scheme and thresholds where the next cell shade band begins), meaning that only modifying the value of a mesh isn’t what I am looking for.

Possible Solutions I’ve thought of:

  1. Find a way to cell-shade in a Mesh’s material. (Though I’ve read it is only possible within a [PostProcessMaterial] )
  2. Find a way to access a Mesh’ texture from within a [PostProcessMaterial] blueprint which I could easily plug in. (Find the LUT / color-scheme, and plug into my output node)

If I can’t find a solution, I’ll have to settle for a single LUT / color-scheme for all my cellshaded meshes, which would be a boring outcome. Thank you for taking the time to read this, despite being unable to phrase my problem very well.

Here is an example of my cell shading in Blender (Not UE4), along with the [PostProcessMaterial] blueprint (don’t mind the unconnected nodes, they are not related)).