Cell Mitosis animation


What would be the best approach to create dynamic cell mitosis animation on a mobile device? Here is an image of what I mean:


By dynamic, I mean that the player is able to move and combine the cells, so these strechings should appear at the appropriate places. The cells should be ‘living’, they would slightly deform when they touch. Primarily I want to use Paper 2D but if there isn’t any other approach 3D is an option as well.

Any help would be really appreciated as I am pretty clueless about how to get started with this.

In 3D you could use a metaballs approach.

Thanks Futzy, I will check that stream out, however I would prefer using a 2d technique as the whole game is 2d. Any ideas on this?

EDIT: Or do you think that the metaball approach from a top view would create the desired effect, because what they show in the stream is exactly what I am after just in 2d.

Metaballs have been around for a long time/are well researched, and there are descriptions available for 2D implementation as well. Should be easily searchable.