Celestial Breach

Hello everyone!

I just submitted my Game “Celestial Breach” to GreenLight 2 days ago, I would really appreciate if you can take a look and vote if you think it deserves it :wink:

I also really appreciate any comments, suggestions, criticism, good and bad!

Edit: Now on steam store! (coming soon

Short Summary

Celestial Breach is a Coop Arcade Flight Game, in a semi-futristic setting.

Small Disclaimer:

I only made from zero about 1/5 of the “art” of the game myself (UI - which I don’t find very good for the moment :(, heigtmap, and some particles). The Rest comes from The UE4 Marketplace and other places such as CGtrader. (Thanks for the Support from all the artists for my specific needs and questions (Thanks in Particular to ModelWorks - fictional aircraft pack ;))

Gameplay/ Game Rules Summary (tell me if I say anything stupid about game genres/style ;))

  • You can pick up one of four aircraft classes which have one common weapon and 3 selectable secondary weapons.
  • Then InGame you can buy upgrades with the “credits” you gain by killing enemies. Upgrades ranges from classical “armor”,“speed”,"damages,… up to more fancy, why not “magical” ones (at least not possible in real life).
  • The Game Mechanics revolves around the “arcarde” style, No Saves, no saved progression, your upgrades are lost when you finish the game or lost the current game.

Also The Game Has a great Emphasis about Cooperation between players for exemple:

  • When someone kills an enemy, everyone gets the reward (credits to use upgrades on your ship).
  • All Players Sees everyone’s health and shield status at all time, if somone is dead, everyone see it’s remaining respawn time.
  • The Game is lost When everyone is respawning at the same time.
  • At each death the respawn time increase a little bit. the respawn time is the same/shared with all players.
  • The countermeasures of your ship can deflect any missile, so you can protect a friend by dropping flares near him.

I’m still searching new ways of encouraging Coop, Thanks for reading!

yee all your images are locked… not visible

Sorry, the images were not public on google photos, So I was the only person able to see them :rolleyes:

Looks very cool!

Yeah, look’s great ! Congrat for this job :wink:

Thanks guys :slight_smile: I’ll post updates when I get somethings interesting done (currently working on reducing network usage and some game thread optimization to allow more simultaneous enemies).

Looks great and fun to play, keep up and please post updates, cool! :wink:

Progress Update one

Hello everyone, Thanks for all the support, Celestial Breach has been greenlit!

Quick Summary of things done:

  • New Weapon - Unguided Rockets
  • New Weapon - Guided Bombs
  • New Weapon - Burst Grenades
  • New Weapon - Self Locking Cluster Missile
  • New Weapon - Railgun
  • Small visual updates
  • Optmisation - Net Bandwith, Bug Corrections.

As you can see I’ve been very focused on weapons, going from 4 “secondary” weapons, to now 9. (total goal of 12).

Future Work:

Game Development wise, the current priority is new content. (enemies, weapons, missions, upgrades). while keeping an eye on optimisation/Bug Testing.

But, I’m thinking of putting up a quick wordpress site that will enable me to redirect people to a more professional and compact summary than twitter, or steam greenlight.
I would also like to make some more detailed “Devlogs” on this site (like what the devs from Risk of rain or Rust did for instance - I love to read thoses).
Would also be a good place to put offical contact, and an application form for people who would be willing to do alpha testing. So… maybe :wink:

Detailed new Features

New Weapon - Unguided Rockets

Game Play wise it is in between standard missiles and unguided bombs:

  • 14 rockets
  • no lock
  • fire in full auto
  • medium damage
  • medium range (no sights, + small spread)

This weapon has been added to the medium Air to Air Class, it is a class mainly intended for Air to Air combat, thus unguided rockets makes it more versatile for Air to Ground combat.

New Weapon - Guided Bombs

It is a Classic “Arcade Flight Sim” weapon. Less Damage than the unguided ones, but easier to aim. The trick is that you have to drop them above your target,
or high enough for then to travel to the target, they do not fly like missiles, they only orient their fall to a specific extent:

  • 4-6 Bombs
  • Locking
  • one to 6 bomb simultaneously
  • high damage, small splash
  • medium range

This weapon has been added to the medium Air to Ground class.

New Weapon - Burst Grenades

It is a Grenade launcher running in Full Auto Burst of 10 grenades. It an in between of the rockets and the unguided bomb. about the same damage of the bombs, but to a more precise area, and easier to aim. But still less range than the rockets

  • 20 - 60 grenades
  • no lock
  • fire in bursts of 10x
  • high total damage
  • short range (low velocity + no sights)

This weapon has been added to the medium Air to Ground class.

New Weapon - Self Locking Cluster Missile

It is a Big Unguided missile, than will automatically explode in front of you, spawning cluster missiles, that, each, will select the target the most aligned with them.

  • 2-6 Cluster missiles, with 10 childs each
  • no lock - impossible to know exactly what it will choose.
  • Currently the only weapon your can use while fleeing
  • high total damage
  • medium range

This weapon has been added to the medium Air to Air class, It is a more “fun” one, but can still be very useful in certain situations.

New Weapon - Railgun

It is an electromagnetic Cannon, With a Delayed shot (5s), but very powerful and very long range. The Cartridge Contains the Ferromagnetic Projectile and The Electric Charge to launch it. The CrossHair is actually moving on the screen, because it is a projection of the simulated impact on the map.

  • 2 Separate Shots with their own warmups.
  • no lock.
  • 5s warmup delay, cannot abort launch.
  • very high total damage
  • very long range (Instant velocity, thus no drop, + crosshair)

This weapon has been added to the high Air to Air class.

Minor visual updates

New Cluster Missile 3D Model, and The Air to ground missile 3D Model (from CGtrader). + rocket and bombs progress bars (from me ;))

Optmisation - Net Bandwith, Bug Corrections.

Not very interesting stuff here, mainly cleaned up variables that didn’t need to be replicated, reducing replication rate for thing that doesn’t need high rate and so on.
I replaced my custom movement replication function with a simpler, less bandwidth heavy one I made for the AIs. I wont go into the details, but I now “just” lerp the transform over time with a little bit of prediction instead of updating local “jet engine speed” and “rotation rates” at fixed time intervals with a hard sync every second. As Far of the bugs goes, corrected mainly the replication oversights discovered while recording the Greenlight trailer with a friend.

I just set up the website for Celestial Breach!
Will also be posting the detailed progress post there, + game support and beta/alpha testing application form (later).

Here’s the second Developpement Progress Post, it has been a busy week (more like a week and a half)
Quick Summary of things done:**

  • Steamworks integration
  • Steam Cloud saves
  • Steam Achievements
  • Controller support
  • “Novice” Control mode
  • Miscellaneous bug corrections
  • Celestial breach website (support email)
  • Pre-Alpha Testing application form
  • Steam Store set up
  • GPU optimisation - currently work in progress

Lots of secondary features and necessary inital set-ups like the store, website this week.

Future Work:

Next week will be focusing on new missions and new enemies. also working on GPU optimization right before that.

Alpha testing is planned for mid November, I need to add more content to keep the future testers busy.

Detailed new Features:**
Steamworks integration, Cloud saves and achievements:**

Steamworks integration is an important feature that let me uses the steam cloud save service, the steam achievements and the steam overlay.

Cloud saves:
I am only saving config files to the cloud (apart from graphic settings, so you don’t end up with ultra setting at startup on a very low end PC, if you happen to switch from one and another) This is intended, as there is no progression saves during the game, you start every game session from zero. Global stats however are saved to the cloud (total number of enemies killed, number of shots fires, and so on…) and are currently used for some achievements.
Steam Achievements:*
There is currently 9 achievements based on the “all-time stats” mentioned earlier based on enemies killed, distance traveled, and shots fired.
Planned achievements on:*

  • number of total death,
  • number of hours player
  • “silly” things you’ve done in game (like crashing into a wall five times in a row, accidentally damaging allies, …)

Controller support**

Controller Support has been added to Celestial breach, you can navigate though all the menus, including the lobby and the upgrade menu.

rebinding is also supported for the controller, so you can remap controller axis, buttons and so on…

Although, there is and still will be 3 places where you need your good old mouse and keyboard:

for the IP input to connect to a server
for the name input to choose a name (by default the current steam name is set, thanks to steamworks)
to navigate thought the rebind menus
So it’s a “Partial Controller support” game on steam store now.

Video preview of the controller support.

“novice”/“arcade” controls

I had a request from a steam user on the to add a novice/arcade controls mode. It is a mode, where your plane behaves like a “flying Car”, you can’t roll, or go upside down, and the roll control is replaced by yaw. + some fancy details such as stop inheriting the roll of the airplane to the camera and visually banking to the plane according to the turn rate.

Here’s a video of the new controls mode.

Miscellaneous bug corrections**

Some bugs corrections and optimization have been applied:

  • adding “invert Y axis” option in general menu + saved in settings file
  • applying dissolve effect on all the elements of the object of the current secondary weapon (cluster missile front sensor was forgotten)
  • Correcting the double explosion sound bug for cluster missile
  • disabling physics and collisions of a missile when it explode (previously was just hidden then destroyed 10 seconds later to let the smoke particles finish their lives)
  • cluster missile, added some logic: when the target of a child missile dies, the child missile choose a new target. this make the cluster missile more effective, as before if 4 missiles where targeted on one enemy, only two would be used to kill it and two others will just be wasted, now they will dynamically change path and find a new target.
  • other uninteresting small fixes not worth mentioning or remembering

Celestial breach website (support email) + Pre-Alpha Testing

I decided to set up a quick simple website to host the dev blogs, and some information about the game, this also enables me to have a more professional support email adress (). Not much to say about it.

I also set up a simple contact form to apply for pre-alpha testing, having people to test the game on different computers, with different OS version is very important before the early access. This will enables celestial breach to have a smoother transition from pre-alpha to early access. The purpose these testings is also the test the gameplay, to see what’s fun and balanced and what is wrong and need to be corrected. if you want to help this game and have an early peek of it.

Steam Store Setup

The for Celestial breach is up! There will be more screenshots and videos as we approach the early access date. The is also up, in which you can ask questions of the game, request features, and give feed back if you wish. Here’s a new quick made trailer of the new weapons from last week progress post:

New small progress post on the site: dev-blog/

Working hard on ironing out the bugs, especially in multiplayer and so on :slight_smile:
Here is a small peek at one of the (many) multiplayer testing session:

Hi!Cool game!how many kilometers in this map?

Sorry for my english(google translate

Hi, sorry for the delay I haven’t seen your post earlier :frowning:
The map “Winter” is 4033x4033 resolution, (worldmachine + marketplace textures pack) in kilometers it’s 11.2 x 11.2 Km, the planes are moving at around 40 m/s or 144Km/h which means it takes you about 5 minutes to fly from one side to another.

And by the way, new Trailer for early access uploaded today!

BTW here’s a new devblog post, describing all the changes and additions from the past 2 weeks :wink:



Celestial Breach has Launched on Steam Early Access this january!

A lot of updates were made in this first month, including gun sights, minimap cockpit view and more weapons :smiley:

I’m currently working on adding mod support via Steam workshop due to high user demand for this feature, here is the Last DevBlog Post and the latest weapon added in the game :wink:

I would appreciate any credible information about - what happened to Author of game “Celestial Breach”. Anyone knows, please? Thanks.