Caves no longer spawning?

So… I haven’t done anything to the cave systems, or the sub-level maps, and yet on my mod, there are about 3 animals that spawn in the caves. Does anybody have a clue what I might have screwed up to make this happen?

I found NPC spawn to be buggy.

Often have to delete the manager and make a new one. Once one works i duplicate it.

Also, i got all the spawns working the way i wanted by making sure that none of the zones overlapped. Not sure if that was the fix if you know what i mean.

Yea npc spawn can definitely be buggy. My problem was that I hadnt touched the map at all, spawning included. So I didnt know why cave spawns were having a problem. I just reinstalled the devkit because something got out of wack, we’ll see if that fixed it.