Caves & lava questions

Hey there i was wondering if someone can help me out i can not get Cave collision working right for some reason i always fall under it. Also anyone have a good tutorial with lava? wondering how u guys make lava looks so nice going down hills ; ) but thanx for helping

For lava, you should only need to use the Lava material… as for cave collision, if you are doing it in the Devkit, I had a similar problem. I actually justflew around in ghost mode so collision wasn’t even an issue :smiley:

In terms of lava it’s actually quite simple. So to start you need a plain that has a lava mat on it after that you will need to create a few volumes around the area you have the lava in. Lava should damage you so you’ll need a pain volume, lava should be thick and hard to swim through so you’ll need a physics volume, and last but not least you will need a post volume effect to change the color of the area under the plain with the lava mat. Make sure that you have collision unchecked on the plain so you can pass through it.
Now for the Cave make sure all of the meshes you use have “BlockAll” selected under their collision. If that doesn’t work i’m not sure what else to do. I hope this helps!