CaveOfTessellation is my take on how a underworld like dungeon RPG game environment could look on DX11 with Tessellation and world aligned texturing.

if you like to fly around in the scene yourself, you can do so if you’re willing to download 2 GB from Google Drive and have a 1060 or better card. this is just a test seen without collision or gameplay it has about 60 cave modules stuck together and there is also a basic set up with some point lights in order to see something in the dungeon. If you happen to download the demo it would be interesting to me if you could let me know what frame rate you get on your systems so that I know if this needs further optimization and where to go with it.

Hello Dartanlla, thank you for testing it and giving me some information about the performance. You’re right all of those lights are fully dynamic just the shadow casting is switched off and instead a light function is utilized to emulate what the shadows would look like.
This is currently on the highest settings which can be changed with the quality settings in the material In regards to optimizations and the polygon count of the tessellation. My main intention was here to see how the performance is if everything is active and on the highest settings on different systems. I wanted to try out with this what I could do with the current high-end features that will be probably in the near future parts of the standard features of mainstream systems.
I did build all materials, objects and textures and this will eventually become a marketplace item. The main thing about the material in textures is that everything is world aligned meaning that I’m not using the UVW coordinates of the individual object and cave sections and rather generate them uniformly over everything in the world this way there are no UVW seams between objects. You can see a bit more about what I can do with this material in the attached video link I added for example the ability to use vertex painting for sculpting and material distribution overrides.