Cave problems... Tamed dinos despawn

hello i have a problem i build a cave and some times the tamed dinos despawn in it if you walk to fare away from the dino.

I think its because the cave is under the map and i think there is a function that delete dinos under the map …

anyone know how to prevent this ?

The Kill Z can be changed under Settings -> World Settings. Anything below the number given will be counted as dead/out of the level. Any space in the entire world is usable, as long as the Kill Z is low enough (It can go negative as well) so that you can go into that area.
The weird part is, that, your not instantly getting killed, so im not 100% sure its the Z level thats doing it.

Its not the Z level cause its on a normal high , my z level is at the start of my dirt_plane

so they only go away when they are out of range of the camera? or is it like you place them there, turn around, look back and they are gone?

yes only happends when you are out of camera range

do you think they are falling into the world due to the ground being “unloaded” since your out of range?

isnt there some draw distance thing you have to set up for caves so this doesn’t happen?

im having an issue where my ceilings and floors dont display ROFL

Need to put a structure prevention zone down there. Make sure its placed in the persistent level.

by the name of it, it sounds like that would prevent building … ?
What if you wanted to have a cave with the ability to build? Would you still have to place that zone?

From my experience if you want people to be able to build under the landscape you still need to have a structure prevention zone around that area. You just check the “Disabled” setting on the zone.

added one, disabled it. Im going to see if that resolved any of my issues.
Not to hyjack … but … i can walk, but, as soon as i fly, i get teleported out of the cave lol. only multiplayer
i cant build either … sad sad day. stupid cave.

so far:
fixed tamed dino issue that popped up - that box resolved that
fixed flying in cave - box resolved that
fixed not teleporting out - box resolved that & fixing my local waterline resolved that
what am I looking for to have ppl be able to build in the cave? I dont have “prevent building” checked, so, im sure i am simply missing something

resolved all issues

Glad you resolved it.

i made the structure prevention zone in my cave in the cave level and it didnt worked :frowning:
did i need the zone in my mainlevel ?

zone goes into the persistent level.