Cave Level [W.I.P] [Need Help & Feedback]

FIRST, I want to state that I DID NOT create any of these assets, meshes, or materials. I’m having multiple problems and I need help. But before commenting, it’s about 20% finished.

  1. How do I reduce the unbelievable gross to the rocks?

  2. Why are 9 out of 11 of my spot lights crossed out with a red X?

  3. Why are my FPS extremely low on high settings (8-11FPS) on epic settings when I don’t have many assets, meshes, or materials on my level?

Also, feel free to give me feedback, bad and good please. I’m still learning Unreal Engine.

Take a look

If you do it like in the link I suggested, please post back the fps you will be getting.


When you have more than three stationary lights overlapping, you will get some issues. Try static or dynamic. Also if you use stationary or static, build your lighting. It is better for performance and looks. Be careful with how many dynamic lights you have. If you need a bunch try turning shadows off for as many as you can.