Caution about Unreal Slackers Discord Moderators:

I have been Nothing but helpful… but in my time of need, i was bashed for asking help in Multiple-Channels, and given infraction-points, with no questions asked…

I was Also IP Banned, for advertising a Modding Project i have going, in Relevant Channels, However, since they were Ads in more than ** ONE Channel** I got IP Banned.… The rules are much more important to Moderators than any person could be…

These Moderators are so tightly-wound, if you stuck a lump of coal up their azz… in 2 weeks, you’d have a diamond; So tread lightly, and God Forbid You manage to irritate a Moderator, you will be banned quickly.

They deserve some kind of reprimand from Epic Games, IMHO

Hey there!

Let me get this straight: You basically violated rules, which nearly all of the other users are able to follow, received infractions for that, continued to violate rules and in the end received a ban.
And now you feel the urge to complain on the official UE4 forums about an unofficial Discord Server, on which moderators did their job and removed you?

I also want to add that your listed points aren’t, by far, the only reasons why you were infracted and removed.

So for everyone reading this: Caution about JonDavis99, who can’t follow rules and thinks it’s okay to blame a moderator-team for doing their job.


Just to be absolutely clear here. Your ban reason was entirely justified, you were warned multiple times of your behavior and continued to talk about inappropriate subjects (drugs, sex) all the while insulting other members of the community and breaking other rules we have in place.Not to mention arguing with us Moderators about said rules.

You are not innocent. Move on.

Just saying from everything I have seen the moderators aren’t out to get people, they just keep the discord from deteriorating.

Unreal Slackers is independent from Epic Games tho.

I would have appealed the ban, at a later time, however IP Bans are severe.

Then, yeah, i came back on a VPN, and gave you a piece of my mind… what part of my OP didn’t you understand?

When i came back on VPN, *That is when i **Deserved *to be banned… however, in most servers i know where the moderators aren’t so Full of Themselves", i wouldn’t have gotten banned in the first place.

Breaking the rules repeatedly doesn’t deserve banning? The rules are there for a reason, and if you don’t want to follow them that is fine but then you aren’t welcome on that server.

I love when people just believe anything they’re told. :rolleyes:

I advertised my Project in Relevant Channels and was IP Banned outright… Then, i messed with them.

Don’t mess with mods if you care about getting banned. /thread

Are you daft, son? I advertised my Project and because it was in multiple channels, i got IP Banned… Relevant Channels, most members don’t migrate out of their area of expertise, so i figured it would fine. Guess not.


You can easily get banned from the forums as well if you continue being disrespectful.

Respect goes both ways, correct?

“Don’t mess with mods if you care about getting banned. /thread” Isn’t being very nice, either.

To be fair, somehow most of you think you’re "Important," and can come down on someone when you don’t agree with them… I don’t NEED Unreal Slackers, or these forums.

I am civil, but when “/thread” is tossed around, i’m not a newb, i know what that means.

When I have had dealings with any of the mods I have found them to be polite and respectful. Hence if they say that you were breaking the rules I would be inclined to believe them. They also say that you received several warnings. I don’t think that they would have cause to lie about that. What would they gain by doing so?

They Love being a respected community… I still respect the members, but the Moderation team is out-of-control. twisting the truth will help them stay in a comfortable little bubble, impervious to the negative nature of being what they are.

In what way are the moderators out of control? And this is all the moderators or just some of them? How have they been twisting the truth? Accusations are easy to throw around, but I would be interested in hearing if you have any specific examples you could point to?

Ok, i’ll be as clear as i can: When a member joins, and reads the rules, and the “Rules” are partly “BS”… one can ‘leave’ or on can stay and deal with the Mussolini’like “Rules”.

I posted WIP and info on joining an Insurgency: Sandstorm Project, in Multiple, but relevant ChannelsI WAS Warned… howver i don’t think limiting yourself to 1 message regarding a project is fair…

I Did “Break their rules”… but their rules are not fair; I would suppose this is a Global Moderator Issue, because every Moderator must enforce those rules.

Closing thread for reasons.
If you feel I have done so in error, please contact an Epic staff member to have the thread unlocked.

  1. You not thinking the rules are fair doesn’t matter, it’s not your Discord Server.
  2. All of the other 22.000+ members of Unreal Slackers accept and follow the rules, so they can’t be that unfair, right? :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. You could have posted into the #server-feedback channel to discuss your concerns about the rules.
  4. Posting in multiple channels is considered spamming, and advertising your project like this was and still is also not allowed.
    The Server features #looking-for-talent and #looking-for-work channels for these topics.

All your posts in this thread just make it more and more clear that you simply can’t (or don’t want to) follow rules and further won’t accept a valid ban.
Instead you choose to attack the moderators by accusing them to be “out-of-control”, “of negative nature” and “twisting the truth”, which mostly seems to apply to you, based on your behavior here, and your behavior on Unreal Slackers.

So as previously state: Move on.

Hey Jon,

I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with Unreal Slackers. I know the moderator and admin team handle a lot and are an integral part of the UE4 community. Because it is not officially run by Epic, I cannot nor would I consider, commenting on their rules or the enforcement of their rules.

That said, while the nature of your post is logical - the path by which this whole conversation is going is not something that belongs here on these forums.

I would ask that everyone who has commented in this thread make sure they are familiar with the Forum Rules/Code of Conduct.

Specifically, in this case, rule #2 and rule #10.

I am locking this thread as I do not see a positive outcome for anyone on either end of the conversation.

Feel free to DM me if you have any questions!