Causing physics to other characters in multiplayer?

Hi all, I’m trying to simply make a character launch when they overlap with a collision component on another character in multiplayer.

I’ve tried quite a few setups but I think overall I’m pretty lost.

Simply put, on an overlap event I’d like to cause an impulse (or use launch char) from one charBP to a different charBP. If anyone knows before hand how I should accomplish this over network as well, I’d appreciate it. But I believe if I learn how to cast to another players physics properly I hopefully figure out the network setup myself so it’s not the priority.

Overall, thanks for any help in advance!

update: Launch Character is working, but I can’t get it to replicate to all clients.

The network fix is quite simple. Apply your launch / impulse on the server and make sure “Replicate Movement” is enabled for your character.

To make sure something runs on server simply create a new custom event which will be responsible to actually perform the launch (whatever you ended up using). In the details of your custom event you then select “Run On Server” in the drop down menu and you should be good to go.


Hey, thanks for the response! I actually already have both those things happening, but the problem is still there.

I actually discovered though, with testing, that it works fully if the character who can force someone to launch is client 2, but if they’re client 1 it doesn’t work… any idea why? Thanks again!

I too have the same problem, trying to make a character launch in multiplayer.

You want the server to call a function on the overlapping char.

Make a function to launch character.

On your overlap of a player make this hit call a event in server which calls the launch character on the hit player