Cathedral of Heroes - UE5 Environment

The cathedral of the Dulah: protectors and guardians of the realm. This is their final resting place, protecting the tomb of the ancient Queen Sham. Long forgotten and deep into the passages of the end of the Panera Continent.
This piece was heavily inspired by Lord of the Ring’s Moria and also by Aliens’ derelict ship scenery and atmosphere. I wanted to combine those with my own Arcane Sci-Fi elements focusing on the lighting, mood, and composition of the scene. My goal was to make something playable. Hope I made it!
I made everything on the scene except for the character, and used UE5 with Lumen and Nanite enabled for all the renders so Everything is real time, no pre-baked lights.
The character I used for some shots and gameplay video is Paragon’s Gadget, who I think suited the exploring ancient ruins theme. Character is by Mike Kime and the art team @EpicGames

Graphics are nice; however, I do have one suggestion: Don’t use bezier curves too much for camera movement in the Sequencer. It can end up feeling unnatural compared to a nice, slow, panning feel.

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ohh yeah, definitely have to get better at camera movement! maybe flattening the curves completely or just a bit?? anyway thank you for the feedback!

I think you should make them almost completely flat. Also, if you’re not already using them, try out the Cine Camera Track and the Cine Camera Arm for realistic movement.

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Will do!, I’m doing “free” cameras at the moment!

Where is the download link?

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Thinking about releasing but not sure if there would be a download link soon!