Cathbad Music

Currently doing a special offer - a free piece of trailer or promotional music for low budget indie devs. First come first served.

If you like any of it, get in touch and tell me about your own projects. Contact form here or Cathbad#8540 on Discord.


Anyone like LoFi chillhop? Here’s a little something I did in that style. Enjoy!

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A while back, I discovered some traditional Korean stringed and percussion instruments. This is a piece of epic music I built around them.

If you think this, or any of my other music, would suit your project please get in touch at Contact — Cathbad Music

I wrote this tune as a spoof 70s buddy cop show theme. Muscle cars, moustaches and Magnum .44s…

Something a little bit reflective…

If this or any of my other music would suit your project, please get in touch at Contact — Cathbad Music or Cathbad#8540 on Discord

Breakbeat Electro-funk, featuring the voice of Nicki Minaj plus a little Michael Jackson sample. Enjoy!

The opening scene to a post-apocalyptic steampunk game

A little something in the style of Max Richter


My music for a D & D style fantasy adventure. Release date later this year.


The Aeronauts (Electro EDM)


Well ok then…

Into The Mawgstorm

Taking on a large new project.

Still a little capacity for smaller jobs though, but first come first served.