Categories Removed in Launcher


I’m trying to figure out how to get the category function back in the UE4 launcher; it seems to have been removed somewhere between 4.23.1 and 4.26.2. If you don’t know what I’m talking about–

UE project startup page for version 4.23.1:


UE project startup page for version 4.26.2:

As you can see, now everything’s a mess. Does anyone know how to enable the category function? It’s incredibly useful!

Can’t be sure, but what happens when you select “More”?

The above 4.26.2 screenshot is what happens when you select “more”

Huh, I’m using 4.26.1, and they always sort for me. So nothing changes visually when you select “More” now? :thinking:

Does anyone know what’s going on?

Before pressing “more”:

After pressing “more”:




Sir, why are you bumping this? You can organize your projects manually in folders if it bothers you. Or just jump back to 4.26.1 and use that.

Well, I’m bumping because the in-engine categorization function was super helpful for organization and because I intend to continue to use versions of the engine that are newer than 4.26.1. When you’re working on 100+ projects, everything being disorganized within the launcher’s visualizer actively gets in the way. Obviously I could just put them into folders, but that’s a red herring here; there should be a way to organize projects within the launcher that allows for the same functionalities.

Plus, why remove a feature that’s harmless and that works perfectly well?