Catch 22

Hi I’m stuck in with the below blueprint. 1st take a look at it.


I have a spawn weapon set up to an event tick so that as soon as I touch the sword with one of my motion controllers it spawns the weapon. I have to use the do once node where it is because the event tick will keep adding a weapon another every tick. I have the reset in the do once node attached to the end of the BP that unequipped the weapon.

The only problem is because of where the do once node is the instantly equips the weapon again. The only answer that I can see is to put the do once before the branch but then that only fires off one tick so I’m caught in a catch 22 situation. If I want to pick up the sword I have to have the do once where it is but I wont be able to unequip the sword. If I don’t fire off the reset off the do once node I can unequip the sword but I won’t be able to pick it up again because of the do once node.

Can anyone see a way out of this loop?

Try to get out of the event tick node, it might be more effective and less prone to bug-out if you use another event (like actor overlap for example).
Hope this helps!

Only problem with the actor overlap is you can only use that once. As soon as I try to cast another weapon it breaks the BP and nothing can be attached anymore. Is there anything else or a list of other types of casts I can use one for each weapon. So an actor overlap for the sword and then something else for the bow?


Maybe add an Enum with a weapon-type to the weapon BP that you can use to cast a switch to run according functions and events instead of casting.

Also you can string the casts by adding them to the cast failed of the previous cast, i dont know if this would help but it feels like having empty cast failed’s might be a reason why the script does not execute correctly (i am just guessing here)??